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九月 18, 2017

Soaking Baths :

A traditional bathing experience is the foundation of hydrotherapy and is as simple as being
enveloped in warm water. Jacuzzi’s classic Italian designs provide the perfect vessel for this
treatment. Jacuzzi’s soaking tubs will enhance your bathroom and more importantly improve your
quality of life. The traditional Soaking bath is a non jetted, non Pure Air tub.

Whirl pool :
Jacuzzi is the inventor and leader in whirlpool baths. Jacuzzi’s patented jet technology provides a
perfect combination of water and air to deliver an invigorating massage. The Jacuzzi ® Whirlpool Bath
System can be adjusted for a deep intense massage or a gentler relaxing message. Various jet sizes and
purposeful placement within each Jacuzzi tub provide targeted action to distinct muscle groups with
the appropriate amount of hydrotherapy.

Pure Air :

Whirlpools circulate a combination of air and water to produce a soft, targeted massage, Jacuzzi
Pure Air baths, by design, massage with only air. The air is distributed through a network of channels
resulting in an even, subtle, full body massage.

Salon Spa:

The preeminent bathing experience is achieved in Jacuzzi’s Salon Spa Series. By combining the best
of whirlpool technology and Pure Air comfort, Jacuzzi has developed a sensory experience for all
body types or moods. You can customize the setting to act as an air bath to escape and relax; a
whirlpool to restore your body after an intense work out or use a combination of both to escape the
worries of the day.

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