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KBB SHOW -Bathroom trends that everyone should know about in 2016

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KBB SHOW -Bathroom trends that everyone should know about in 2016

九月 18, 2017


Aspects such as wellness and hotel style living are amongst some of the biggest influences in bathroom interior design currently. More and more consumers are looking to replicate a luxury design aesthetic in their own homes, and when it comes to integrating high-end features into the bathroom, walk-ins and wet rooms are often high up on the list. Personal wellness and allocating a time and space for relaxation is also a key consideration now when updating bathroom design, and this is reflected in many of the design trends that are currently popularising interior design.

Impress guests with a show-stopping shower space
Consumers want to know they can create a show-stopping bathroom no matter its shape or size, which is why bespoke options are becoming an increasingly popular choice for homeowners. It also guarantees that they can create a look that is completely unique to them. Work with manufacturers who can offer bespoke bathroom solutions such as shower trays, vanity tops and shower panels. This enables homeowners to create their dream bathroom look with an on-trend statement shower or wetroom in even the smallest or most awkward of spaces.

Swap tiles for panels
Whilst there is the desire to create a bathroom that will impress, we all know that our day-to-day lives are getting busier and busier, and so consumers are looking to integrate easy-to-maintain materials wherever possible. One way to achieve this is to swap tiles for grout-free panels. Not only do they require minimal maintenance, but they also help to create a sleeker look in the bathroom. So, consumers can get a high-end look and minimal hassle – a match made in heaven!

Swap real marble for ‘faux’
One design trend to watch out for is customers wanting to integrate natural materials into their homes, and the bathroom is the perfect place to do this. What homeowners often don’t realise though is that whilst natural materials can look beautiful, they can often be problematic to maintain, with marble being a key culprit. Stone resin surfaces with a faux marble finish are now available, and can be made-to-measure, making them suitable for a number of bathroom applications. These surfaces are durable and stain resistant without compromising on any of the true material’s beautiful aesthetic.

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